Get paid to lose weight? Yes please.


So what if I told you that there was a way for you to get paid the minimum wage or above and lose weight?  Would that excite you?  Good news folks…. its not only possible, its not hard to actually achieve either.  You’ll be surprised to find out how this marvellous weight loss booster is something that is both obvious and beautifully simple.

Unquestionably, this simple scheme will be of massive benefit to those who sit on their bums all day long on a PC.  An online source indicates that only 20% of US jobs involve ‘moderate physical exertion’.  By default it would follow the other 80% of US jobs involve little to no physical exertion.  My 9 to 5 is one of those; I sit on my backside and call people all day.  Don’t get me wrong, my fingers have the strength of 1000 bison (or 60,000 chickens – if you prefer) and I can dial numbers at light speed, It’s a talent!  But, that’s not getting many calories burnt now is it?  Maybe you are getting the idea of where this might be going….

I searched, applied and succeed in obtaining a second job, and I have started doing it already in the evenings; 12 hours a week. Almost all of my time there is on my feet, waking around the store and arranging and replenishing product. I am now not only exercising more, but I’m also being paid to.  It’s genius.  Two birds… One stone.

I told you it was simple.


Weight Loss – An Idiots guide continued…


I’m going to share with you one of the things that I’ve found to be useful on my weight loss journey so far, and probably one of the most crucial elements to the success of any long term shift in ‘diet thinking’.  For me, doing this will not only prevent you from over eating but will also train the mind not to eat unnecessarily.  I believe that doing just this one little thing will slice a good quantity of calories of your intake per day.

So what is it?  The obese among us will know that we often find ourselves eating not because we require energy  or because we are hungry, but rather because it’s enjoyable and It’s fun, it makes you feel good.  When you place a nice slice of the finest cheesecake in your mouth, the brain releases all sorts of feel good chemicals which reinforce and validate the experience as a good one.  It can become addictive.  For instance, sweets or candy as my American friends call them, trigger a massive sensation of enjoyment and pleasure.  It’s clearly something we enjoy and we continue to eat more and more as the sugar rush continues.  This is just one example, you may find comfort in eating biscuits, cakes or drinking cola drinks, you alone know what where you Achilles heel is to be found.

The key; to train yourself to recognise when you are hungry (when you need food, when you need energy) and when you are just pining for that enjoyment of sugars, salts and fats. Distinguishing between the to and then making it a conscious effort to either say; ‘I’m not hungry, this is just a craving for the things I do not need right now’ or ‘I’m hungry I’m going to have a small portion of the right things for my body’ will create the right paradigm shift in the direction of a thinner healthier you.  Programme YOU to be the best you can be.    You deserve it.

I’m not a medical professional, always consult with your doctor prior to starting any weight loss program.