If you play Nekomination YOU’RE AN IDIOT!


Drinking games can be good fun.  They can break the ice and encourage everyone to get to know one another a little better, breaking down the social boundaries and generally encouraging a sense of fun and enjoyment.  But when, ‘haha you drank with your left hand now you have to drink two big gulps of your beer’ turns into, I dare you to down a litre of Vodka on camera in 60 seconds, the line in the sand, for me, has been crossed.  Welcome to Neckomination.

For those of us who don’t know a thing about ‘neckomination’ its a truth or dare style game, not including any truth, but lots of dare, with a key ingredient… alcohol.  I’m no killjoy, it’s great to have a few drinks, let your hair down and make a bit of a fool of yourself, but when your life becomes so obviously at risk then the fun stops and reality hits.  Take a look at this;

The format is, you’re dared to drink – in some cases – a litre of vodka (yes a litre, not a double or even a triple), and to do it on camera, often shot with the handy camera phone, and in some cases to do something at the same time such as strip in the supermarket or allow friends to spit booze from their own mouths into yours while sitting in a bath half naked.

If that’s what floats your boat, great.  You can get on with it, I’m a believer in our rights to do to our own bodies as we wish.  But what I object to is propagating this ludicrous notion of fun to the masses who will inevitably be influenced by this silly game and engage in the copy cat antics, in turn risking their own lives.

Death is a terrible thing, but preventable death is an extremely terrible thing.  Yes, young people have been killing themselves playing this awful game and the death toll grows almost everyday.  I once told my grandfather that I only did X because so-in-so did it.  His reply was profound, ‘if so-in-so put his hand in the fire you’d do it to would you?’.  Looks like my grandfather has the right idea, let us hope that enough of us have had similar words of warning to avoid this supremely stupid game of death.


Reality check here;


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