Weight Loss – An Idiots Guide – Part One of….


Since 2007, I’ve struggled with my weight.  Up and down like the proverbial yo yo.  Despite this, I still know what it is I should do to lose weight.  I don’t need the aid of a group, a book a special product.  It’s really quite simple, if your a man you’ll be looking to consume no more than 2500 calories per day and for the ladies 2000.

If you consume this amount and do no exercise whatsoever, you’ll not gain nor lose any weight.  Your body will actually burn the 2500 calories (if you’re a man) sat on your pretty little ass.  Thinking, blinking, changing the tv channel, the beating of your heart and the tune of your fart all require energy.  Even thinking, breathing and sitting down all require these 2500 calories.

3000 calories chalks up at around 1 pound of body weight.  It would follow therefore that if you consumed 2600 calories per day over the duration of 30 days you would gain one pound in body weight;

2600 calories x 30 days = 78,000 calories 

Because you have consumed 3000 calories more than your requirements (male), which is 75000 calories per month, you will have gained 1 pound.  It follows the reverse is  true;

2400 calories x 30 days = 72,000 calories

There is now a caloric deficit of 3000 calories, we know that 3000 calories equates to a pound of body weight.  We know that we have consumed 3000 calories less that the bodies basic 75,000 caloric requirement and it follows that we will lose one pound of body weight over the month.

All this holds true… and without any exercise whatsoever.  We’ll talk more tomorrow.


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