Happy 10th Birthday Facebook!


Doesn’t time fly when you’re… Facebooking? Today marks the social networking giants 10th birthday!  The brainchild of multi billionaire Mark Zuckerberg and fellow Harvard roomies, the site has experienced exponential user growth since its genesis back in 2004.

Have you ever heard of Andrew McCollum? Dustin Moskovitz?  Maybe Eduardo Saverin or Chris Hughes? No? Well those were the roomies.  I find it odd that we hear far less of these names when they were so instrumental in the creation of the social media phenomena that we know today.  I digress.

Everyone who’s anyone has an account from heads of government to international music sensations to….. my very own nan.  Facebook has the most incredible level of ubiquity in 2014, it’s quite incredible to ponder.

Many would argue that the social network has brought the world closer together, others further apart, creating a no mans land in cyberspace.  The popularity of the site has been so fantastic that nobody looks at you in  odd way when you tell them ‘Ill Facebook you’ anymore, it’s part of our very lexicon.  How extraordinary to think that this communications tools started as a something for Harvard students to use whilst at University, and now, well you already know.

To put Facebook in perspective; in 2004 1 million people used the site at least once a month.  Let’s face it, that can’t be a bad little earner just with those figures.  Ten years later the site now brings in a whooping 1.2 billion monthly users all keen to check their news feeds and poke their friends (poking was so 2005 though).  It is clear to see that Facebook is not going anywhere for quite some time, it has become so routine to get up, have a coffee, clean your teeth….. and embarrassingly…. check Facebook.  It’s certainly possible that the world cannot do without its daily fix of Facebook and nothing seems like its going to change that.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Facebook.  Turns out it was a great idea.


6 thoughts on “Happy 10th Birthday Facebook!

  1. Chris in Wales, Hope you are keeping your head above water. If it is any consolation, it’s dumped a whole load of rain over here before darkening your skies. Thanks do much for the folio, really appreciated. If you have any suggestions or requests, just let me know. MM 🍀

    • Hey! Thanks for leaving a comment. Luckily my city has got away with it. But many parts of the country haven’t. It’s pretty awful for those who can’t get there kids to school and are somewhat prisoner in their own homes. Sure, I’ll be sure to forward any suggestions or requests, it will be a pleasure. CT

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